7 Things Only Your Best Friend Knows about You ...


There are so many things only your best friend knows. Whether it be your guilty pleasures, hopes, and dreams, etc., your best friend knows it all. The beauty of having a friend like that is knowing that you're never alone. There's someone out there who embraces your weirdness because, let's be real, they're probably just as weird. Check out some of the things only your best friend knows!

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Your Guilty Pleasure Tv Shows

There are the TV shows that you live-tweet on Twitter and then there are the TV shows that you would never admit to watching. Those are your guilty pleasure shows and the only person who knows about them (and probably joins you) is your best friend. Whether it be your secret binge-watching of reality TV or some Animal Planet documentary, your best friend doesn't judge you for it. In fact, it's likely she loves it as much as you do. Your guilty pleasure TV show is just one of the things only your best friend knows.


That You Force Them to like Your Instagram Posts

I have to admit, I'm definitely guilty of this. But hey, if they're your bestie, aren't they supposed to like everything you ever post on any social media? No? Oh... Anyways, there's no shame in texting your best friend to go like that latest selfie you posted on Instagram. In fact, it's actually a great system. However, you probably shouldn't text other people to do so. Only your best friend understands!


How Much Time You Spend Composing Texts

Let's be real, when composing a text to the guy you're crushing on, you type, delete, type, and repeat until you have the perfect message to send. Even if it's something as simple as deciding whether or not to add an emoji at the end of a message, your best friend knows your struggle! She's the one you go to for approval on all outgoing messages.


The People You Secretly Hate

Your best friend is aware of all your "frenemies." Yup, those still exist. Sometimes it's just easier to be civil with someone even though you might actually hate him/her. Your best friend will try her hardest to keep said person away from you so that you don't actually have to associate with them!


Details of All Your Hook Ups

There isn't anything that best friends can't share. That includes details of any hook ups you might've had! Your best friend will be there to listen to you, no judgment of course.


Your Favorite Junk Foods

Whenever I'm feeling down, my best friends know that coming over with boxes of chocolate is the way to make me feel better. Seriously girls, chocolate cures all! Best friends know each other's favorite snacks/junk food because what if there's an emergency and these are the only things that'll comfort them?! Also, it's a nice thing to know that if your best friend is ever at the market, they can pick up your favorites before heading over.


Hopes and Dreams

There are the hopes and dreams we share with our school guidance counselor, and then there are the hopes and dreams we share with our best friend. The real ones. Your best friend knows what you really want out of life, and they'll try their hardest to help your pursue it!

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out many things only your best friend knows about you. A best friend knows you better than you know yourself - it's scary sometimes. What other things about yourself does only your BFF know?

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Usually when I like or dislike a guy, they're both pretty good at reading me.

Lol the detail and NUMBER of hookups

Haha soooo teue

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