7 Things All Teenage Girls Fear That You Can Stop Worrying about ...


There are certain things all teenage girls fear, no matter where you live or how you were raised. Adolescence is a scary time, because you get your first taste of independence. But these things all teenage girls fear aren’t really anything you need to worry about. Sure, you’ll always have moments when these things overwhelm you, but in general, it’s important to keep in mind that your teenage years are simply a short chapter in your very long life, and the fears you have now are easily conquered.

1. Rejection

Rejection is definitely one of the things all teenage girls fear. Some of us are more confident than others and take bold actions at this time, but to a certain degree, we all fear rejection. Rejection can come in various shapes and sizes, from getting rejected from your dream college, to having a guy reject your invite to a ladies’ choice dance. But it’s important not to get caught up in rejection. As a teenager, it’s easy to begin to think that your life will be full of nothing but rejection, but that simply isn’t the case! You have a whole world of yes waiting for you!

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