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9 Super Easy Ways to Avoid Your Enemies at School ...

By Crystal

Believe it or not, there are quite a few easy ways to avoid your enemies at school. You don't have to let your enemies ruin your day. You can spend time with your friends and maybe even enjoy a class or two. Once you master these ways to avoid your enemies, your school days will be better than ever.

1 Know Where They Are

One of the best ways to avoid your enemies is to know where they are. Start by discovering where they typically hang out, which classes they take and who their friends are. The more you know about them, the easier it becomes to avoid them. After all, if you know they hang out by the music room during lunch, you know to be anywhere but there during lunch. Ask your friends to help you scope out your enemy.

2 Avoid Looking at Them

Often times, your enemies don't really notice you until you look at them. When you do have to pass near them, avoid making any eye contact. Walk by at a normal pace and keep a friend by your side. Odds are, your enemy may not even notice you and if they do, they're less likely to confront you if you have someone with you. Sometimes the best way to avoid someone is to ignore them. Only make eye contact if they confront you.

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3 Change Your Schedule

Recruit your friends and find out what your enemy's schedule is like. If you do happen to share any classes, talk with your counselor or advisor about changing your schedule. They will understand. Their job is to help make your school experience good. After all, if you're too distracted by your enemy, you won't learn as well. Explain this as soon as possible in order to get a schedule change.

4 Make More Friends

If possible, widen your circle of friends. Enemies tend to avoid those who have large groups of friends. Ensure you have friends in every class, during every break and during lunch. The more people you have around you, the more likely it is your enemy will avoid you. Plus, you get more friends to spend time with. It's a win win no matter how you look at it.

5 Avoid Quiet Areas

Enemies, especially straight out bullies, love cornering people in quiet areas at school. Do your best to avoid these areas. For instance, avoid the locker room when a coach or friend isn't around. Usually, you can skip common quiet areas until you have someone with you. If you do this, you don't have to worry about being caught alone with your enemy.

6 Stay near Authority Figures

If you know your enemy might be near, stay within sight or earshot of an authority figure, such as a teacher or principal. Your enemy doesn't want to start any type of confrontation in front of the adults at school. You don't have to glue yourself to a teacher's side. Just stay in the general vicinity and your enemy will give you a wide berth.

7 Fake Confidence

Your enemies love to annoy and taunt you because they think they're stronger than you. Stand tall and be confident, even if you have to fake it. The more confident you appear, the less confident your enemies will be. When you have to be near an enemy, walk tall with your head held high. Ignore them completely and prove they don't matter. Soon, your enemy will be avoiding you.

8 Try New Activities

If your enemy is usually on the school bus or shares an after-school activity with you, try something new. An easy way to avoid an enemy is to do an activity they don't do. While this isn't always possible, it is an option. This is best for those who don't mind trying a new sport or club. If your enemy joined just to bother you, they're likely to move on if you do too.

9 Turn Them into Friends

I know this one might be a long shot, but it is a possibility. Take a moment to talk to your enemy with friends by your side. Find out what the problem is. It could be a major misunderstanding. Work it out if possible and even if you don't become friends, you have one less enemy to contend with.

Everyone has enemies, but some enemies are worth making the effort to avoid. With a little work, it is possible to avoid your enemies most of the time while you're at school. Remember, if anything ever gets out of hand, talk to a teacher or your parents. How do you avoid your enemies?

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