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30 Stunning Homecoming Dresses ...

By Sabrina

Stunning homecoming dresses are not hard to come by, but choosing the right one for you is! Check out these absolutely stunning homecoming dresses and see if you don't find one you love!

Table of contents:

  1. Belle
  2. Royalty
  3. Champagne
  4. Gold sequins
  5. Glamorous
  6. Mint chiffon
  7. Lavender love
  8. Silver and sapphire
  9. Little black dress
  10. Beaded chiffon
  11. Baby blue lace
  12. Black and white
  13. Black ball gown
  14. Starry night
  15. White lace
  16. Embroidery
  17. Think pink
  18. Cream and crimson
  19. Neutral
  20. Black and beige
  21. Raining glitter
  22. Ombre
  23. Sparkly salmon
  24. Sweet mint
  25. Doll
  26. Wild child
  27. Carnation
  28. Pink lace
  29. Blue fairy
  30. Modern vintage

1 Belle

Via Cute Sweetheart Yellow Mini Tulle ...
When you walk into the dance in this stunning homecoming dress, you'll certainly look like the belle of the ball!

2 Royalty

Via Sticks & Stones by Mori ...
You'll look like a genuine princess in this royal purple dress, complete with rhinestones!

3 Champagne

Via Tips for Getting the Perfect ...
While you may be too young to drink it, you're not too young to look dazzling in this champagne-colored dress!

4 Gold Sequins

Via Homecoming
You can't go wrong with gold sequins on a homecoming dress! This dress has such interesting cutouts, no one will be able to take their eyes off of you at the dance.

5 Glamorous

Via Buy Modern Princess Scoop Empire ...
This look is undeniably glamorous. With the delicate tulle around the skirt and elegant embroidered top, you're sure to look stunning in this dress!

6 Mint Chiffon

Via Baby doll Sage Dress Short ...
The chiffon layer on this mint dress takes this style to the next level!

7 Lavender Love

Via Kim who
How lovely will you look in this sweet, lavender homecoming dress? Puppy optional.

8 Silver and Sapphire

Via sorority style file: glitter & ...
You'll look a true gem in this silver and sapphire ensemble!

9 Little Black Dress

Via SALE- Mack-Homecoming Dress
You can't go wrong with a little black dress, especially one like this lacy look.

10 Beaded Chiffon

This look is elegant and unforgettable, perfect for your Homecoming night!

11 Baby Blue Lace

Via : Buy Vestido Para ...
This baby blue dress, complete with pure white lace, will guarantee that you stand out at the first dance of the school year!

12 Black and White

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Sometimes all a girl needs to make a lasting impression is black and white.

13 Black Ball Gown

This mini ball gown-style is both sweet and striking at the same time!

14 Starry Night

Via Jazzy-Navy Homecoming Dress
Outside, the stars will be shining, but will they compare to the vision of you in this sparkly black piece?

15 White Lace

Via LH0090 Custom Made Sexy See ...
To me, white lace is the fashion symbol for youth, so what better style to wear to your homecoming dance?

16 Embroidery

Via Embellished Chiffon Sweetheart Natural Baby ...
Sometimes embroidery speaks louder than sparkles! This is a case where rhinestones and sequins are not needed to make you look absolutely fabulous.

17 Think Pink

If you're a pink princess, this may be the dress for you!

18 Cream and Crimson

Via 2014 Sweetheart Homecoming Dresses Short ...
In my opinion, there is no combination of colors more elegant than cream and crimson!

19 Neutral

Via Sherri Hill Embellished Silk Fit ...
Aside from the neutral tones, there's nothing plain about this dress!

20 Black and Beige

This dress has something wild and crazy on top, with the tame bit hiding underneath, altogether creating a gorgeous look!

21 Raining Glitter

Via White Chiffon Dress Natural Short ...
This dress seems to rain glitter from the sparkly top down to the ruffled bottom!

22 Ombre

Via Blue Short Homecoming Dresses - ...
Ombre isn't just for your hair and nails—ombre can look amazing on homecoming dresses, too!

23 Sparkly Salmon

Via Embellished Sleeveless Short Chiffon Natural ...
This sparkly salmon dress is sure to earn you endless compliments at your upcoming homecoming!

24 Sweet Mint

Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
The sweetheart cut, the giant bow, and the gorgeous color all combine to create a stunning dress!

25 Doll

You'll look like a doll in this champagne-colored dress with cap sleeves and tons of tulle!

26 Wild Child

This sophisticated look has a wilder side, with an animal print stripe running straight through the middle! You'll look fun and fabulous in this dress.

27 Carnation

Via Items similar to Mix Bridesmaids ...
This carnation dress isn't just pretty, but interesting too with a unique, shattered glass band.

28 Pink Lace

Via Cute Natural Sleeveless Short Evening ...
This innocent, adorable look could be yours this homecoming!

29 Blue Fairy

This embroidered lace blue dress looks like something out of a fairy tale book!

30 Modern Vintage

Via Buy Custom Made High Quality ...
This dress's vintage embroidery contrasts with its bold, modern style in a beautiful way!

Clearly there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to homecoming dresses. Which style is your favorite?

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