7 Tips for Managing Stress during College Application Season ...


If you’re embarking on your senior year, you’re probably desperate for tips for managing stress! Senior year brings with it many new, fun experiences, but also the nerve-wracking world of college applications! But if you follow these simple tips for managing stress, you may avoid pulling your hair out just yet.

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Start Now

Start now. As in as soon as you finish this article, get to filling out your applications and writing your personal statement. There’s no such thing as starting too early when your goal during college application season is managing stress, but there certainly is something as starting too late! So get ahead of the game, that way you can avoid the stress of cramming.


Seek Guidance

Sometimes wise advice is all it takes to put your mind at rest. But life-altering words of wisdom won’t just fall into your lap! You have to seek out guidance if you want to ease your nerves. Ask your parents, siblings, teachers, and older friends what this time was like for them. Odds are, they remember what being so stressed felt like and can offer you some great advice on the topic!


Do Your Research

If you do your research, there may be no need to stress! Perhaps the school you’re applying to has an 80% acceptance rate. That’s quite high, and you probably have a solid chance at getting accepted. Look into other statistics, such as grades and standardized test scores; seeing that your personal data falls within range of several colleges will reassure you that you can get into a university.


Have Fun

When college application season rolls around, students often forget about the key ingredient to high school survival: fun! You need to have fun if you want to remain sane. Your idea of fun may be going to every school football game, or it may be sitting at home playing Monopoly with your family. Whatever is fun to you, schedule in time for it, because otherwise your pent up stress will manifest itself in college essays and your grades.


Maintain Balance

Maintaining balance goes along with having fun, but you also must maintain balance outside the realm of fun. Work, school, and extracurriculars are all important, but all added together they can make you miserable! So don’t put all of your energy into one thing and allow the other two to suffer; try to maintain balance, only work a few hours a week, take challenging, not impossible courses, and limit yourself to one to two clubs you're really passionate about. Once you balance out your schedule, you’ll have more time after school to work on college apps and have fun!


Pace Yourself

Nothing good ever came from cramming. Think about all the tests you’ve crammed for in the past. Was it worth it? If the answer is no, then why would you think cramming for your college apps is okay? Waiting to fill out your application and write your essay until the night before they're due is begging for disaster! Your essay is bound to contain numerous typos and signatures of procrastination that will cause you to become even more stressed! So start early and pace yourself throughout the application process.


Consider Perspective

One way to manage stress during a stressful time is to consider perspective. Perspective changes everything. If you can place yourself ten years in the future, and imagine all of this not mattering, you’ll notice you become instantly calmer. Try it and see!

The college application process is bound to bring you stress, but you can learn how to manage it effectively early on. How do you plan on managing the stress of applying to college?

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