7 Reasons Why You Should Join a Sport in High School ...

Although academics should be your number one priority in high school, there are several reasons why you should join a sport and include it in your everyday routine. While sports in high school can be very competitive, you still have a good chance of getting on the team even if you never had previous experience. All that matters is dedication and persistence! So if you are contemplating on whether you should give your high school team try-out a chance, here are 7 reasons why you should join a sport while you can.

1. Making Connections

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School is mainly about education but the social aspect of it is also one of the most crucial components of high school. Making friends and forming connections with people can take you far in life and aid you in conquering the most frequent high school problems, which is why you should join a sport. If you feel like you are too shy to make friends on your own, joining a team will automatically guarantee you 16+ friends. Becoming a team is a truly bonding experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

2. Staying Fit

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If you tend to lead a healthy lifestyle or want to take a healthier turn in your daily routine, joining a team will guarantee some improvement. By dedicating yourself to a sport, you will feel obligated to do your best and exercise any given skill, so if you want to tone up or lose weight, this is the best way to do it! After all, shaping up is all about your diet and exercise.

3. Releasing Stress

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High school can often feel overwhelming. Teenage problems such as peer pressure, family expectations and social challenges can really get to you at times which is why you it is important to have your own healthy anger outlet. Going to practice can clear your mind and set your tunnel vision on competition for a brief moment.

4. Adding on Extracurriculars

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The next big step after high school is college and if want to impress some of the top colleges with your application, extracurriculars are a must. Joining teams in high school shows colleges that your strength is not only in education but that you are also able to easily incorporate a variety of activities on your typical day. Sports show dedication, persistence, and unlimited ambition!

5. Becoming a Part of Something

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It is easy to feel like you don’t belong in high school. Sometimes you just can’t seem to find friends that truly understand you and other times things just don’t click. However there is nothing better than having a feeling of belonging to small family. High school sports really bring people together and form long lasting connections.

6. Broadening Your Skills

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Personally I believe that it is important to broaden your horizon and learn a few extra skills. The more you can do, the better off you are in life! So if you still haven’t tested your athletic abilities, there is no reason why you shouldn’t right now. Trust me, you have nothing to lose!

7. Getting out of the Comfort Zone

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Sports teams can really help you to develop yourself and grow as a person. Not only will you learn discipline, but you will also be able to get over stage fright, deal with pre-performance anxiety, learn how to win and lose in a graceful manner. These are the skills that can become very useful later in life and give you a edge!

As a teenager you want to constantly socialize, move around and experience new things. Joining a sport can help with everything listed and more. So which sport would you like to try out for in the future?

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