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Have you ever considered going to a liberal arts college? There are actually many benefits of going to one, some of which you may already know (small class sizes) and some which may come as a surprise. Here are some of my reasons why future students, who are living in a world that is so blinded by the Ivy League mojo, should consider going to a liberal arts college.

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Undergraduate Focus

Liberal arts colleges really focus on teaching undergraduates, and the majority of liberal arts colleges only have undergraduate programs. This is far different from larger universities that are very research-oriented. Classes at a liberal arts college are taught by dedicated professors who really love the subject, not because they have to.


Small Classes

At a liberal arts college, the average maximum for a class is 30 students. Students can’t really hide in the back of a lecture hall because classes tend to take place in discussion circles. That way, students and professors get to know each other, and everyone gets a chance to talk.


Preparation for Grad School

Did you know that liberal arts dominate the list of schools that send the most students who get doctorates? Don’t think that just because the school is small, there are no research opportunities! Liberal arts colleges provide research experiences for undergraduate students that larger universities reserve for grad students!


Tuition Aid

If you need financial aid, liberal arts colleges tend to be more generous than large public institutions. Because there are fewer students, there is more to go around. And this goes for the jobs on campus, too! There is a lot less competition to get a work-study job. Often times, there's an entire staff dedicated to helping you figure out how to fund your education, and they're very compassionate, knowledgeable, and helpful.


Employers Value Liberal Arts

Regardless of whichever liberal arts college you might choose to attend, you will learn how to think, talk, and write. This is something that not all schools do. There are so many colleges that you can graduate from without have to write much. In small class settings, there are more papers, presentations, and collaboration. And the greatest part is that everything will be assessed seriously be professors, so you will get the best feedback possible!



While most people who went to larger universities have friends that they stay in touch with, alumni from smaller colleges seem to be much closer to their friends. Perhaps they were ‘forced’ to spend more time together because of the small student body. Or because smaller liberal arts colleges have an identity, unlike large universities.


Activities and Leadership Roles

There are, no doubt, lots of clubs and organizations at large universities. But this makes it so easy to just join and not do anything. At a smaller college, there is much more active participation. And members in clubs usually bring along their friends to events, which gives the clubs more exposure.

These are some of the reasons why liberal arts colleges are so valued by students. They are truly unique, and I would really recommend considering a liberal arts college. If you went to a liberal arts school, did you find these things to be true? What are some other reasons to go to a liberal arts college?

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