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There are actually quite a few reasons to go to a women’s college, in case you’ve never really considered one. Women’s colleges tend to be really proud of creating strong, independent women who aren’t afraid to challenge the gender inequality in the word. Here are seven reasons to go to a women’s college:

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Although you shouldn’t be obliged to look fabulous when going to class, some girls do so because they’re at a co-ed school. Well, at a women’s college, the last thing that these women care about is looks. What they do care about is what’s in your head: your thoughts, your insights, and your arguments. And I think that’s great because instead of mulling over how to do your makeup for tomorrow, you can focus on academics! I must say that this is a huge time saver, because whether you do it or not, it’s totally acceptable to go to class in sweatpants and no makeup and not have to worry about boys. This alone is one of the greatest reasons to go to a women’s college.



Because there aren’t very many women’s colleges in the United States, most of the women’s colleges are very prestigious. It can’t be compared to co-ed liberal arts schools or even larger universities because the student body is completely different. This doesn’t mean that women’s colleges don’t perform well academically, or even better! It just means that the type of applicants and students are different than the standard.


Liberal Arts

Women’s colleges tend to be smaller because they are liberal arts colleges. This is wonderful because, at least personally, learning in smaller class really helps me. I feel more comfortable speaking up in a small class, and there is more one-on-one attention. Professors really take the time to get to know you and on more than one occasion, our class. Don’t be surprised if a professor ever invites the class over for dinner – it happens!


No Gender Inequality!

I grew up at co-ed schools, so the idea of a women’s college feels different. One thing that all students notice is that there is absolutely no gender inequality at a women’s college. There’s no need to feel subservient to men (or boys, at their age). It’s really great to be able to go to school and be proud to be female!


No Distractions

On that note, no boys equals no distractions. But being at a women’s college doesn’t mean that students are completely blocked off from them! Many women’s colleges have cross registration programs, so there are always boys on campus. I wonder why… *wink* Many women say that not being at school with boys helped them concentrate. And thinking back, classes with male students do tend to get off track. They are often times the ones making jokes.


Self Discovery

College is hard enough as it is. But at women’s colleges, they really try to provide resources for you to discover your true passion and identity. There is rarely any judgment. There’s a really unparalleled sense of freedom at women’s colleges. And I think the reason behind that is because women’s colleges encourage students to go forth and present themselves as they are, without any changing.



This is a silly reason, but it’s also a tradition! There is tea every week at most women’s colleges, and this allows students to bond within the community. And usually during these teas, there are speakers, some famous, some not, who come and talk with students. It’s a nice little way to de-stress.

I think that in a world that is so unequal and gendered, it’s good to have women’s colleges. They produce levelheaded women who stand up for other women and really impact the world. Did you go to a women’s college? What was your favorite part of it?

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Hewwos. I tink so toos.

I really want to go to a women's college :) (Barnard or Mt. Holyoke) and hardly anyone understands! Great article Emily

If you want a great all girls college, then I recommend Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia.

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