7 Reasons to Be Excited for the New School Year ...

A new school year means you're in for a lot of change! That word “change” strikes fear into many teens, but there's no reason it should. The changes each new school year brings should make you excited, not fearful, for this fall!

1. New Wardrobe

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I'm a bit of a shopaholic, so of course this one is at the top of my list! Even though I often dread returning to school, part of me longs to go back just to show off my new wardrobe! Starting a new school year is a great excuse to go on a shopping spree... or two! Thankfully, restocking your wardrobe doesn’t have to mean draining your bank account; you can find great deals on back-to-school outfits at outlet malls and second-hand stores!

2. New Teachers

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If your teachers last year were beginning to get on your nerves, get excited because this year you'll have all new teachers! Granted, some may be worse than last year, but some may be better, too! And isn't the mystery of it all half the fun?

3. New Privileges

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Each school year means you're one year closer to adulthood! Your parents know this, which means they're more likely to grant you new privileges this year. Plus, the law may grant you more privileges, such as being able to drive. Lastly your school may allow you more freedom with your schedule, or allow you to go off campus for lunch. More freedom means more fun, and who doesn't love that?

4. New Friends

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Some years you love your friends, other years they stir up drama and really get on your nerves. No matter how you ended the last school year with your friends, you're bound to make new ones this year. They may replace last year's caddy friends, or be added to your inner circle. Either way, new friends are an exciting part of the new school year!

5. New Subjects

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After an entire year of learning, a subject can get pretty worn out. Luckily, each year brings new, fresh subjects. Whether your schedule is made up of unique, intruiging classes or boring, run-of-the mill ones, the classes you take will contain new information. These classes won't get redundant for a long time, and you'll learn something new each day!

6. New Identity

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This is especially relevant if you're just entering high school or college, or transferring schools. Each year, you basically get a chance to reinvent yourself! And no one can judge you for doing that, because it's something everyone ought to do. So if you've had a summer of soul-searching and discovered a new you, now is your chance to share this new and improved version of yourself with the world - or at least with your school.

7. New Experiences

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It's a given that each year brings new experiences, and that is certainly something to be excited about! New friendships, relationships, adventures, and more are waiting for you in this school year! Don't be timid and dive right in! You'll never get the most out of anything if you don't commit yourself fully to new experiences.

Every school year has its ups and downs, but if you have an optimistic stance as you enter the school year, you'll be more likely to enjoy it. What excites you most about the new school year?

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