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7 Reasons to Spend More Time with Your Grandmother ...

By Sabrina

Sometimes teenagers overlook the many reasons to spend more time with their grandmother. Grandmothers are a blessing. If you have a living grandmother who resides in easy distance of your home, you should be grateful! But if you’re not taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity you’ve been given to get to know her, consider these reasons to spend more time with your grandmother.

1 She’s Not Your Parent

It’s not a secret that parents can get pretty annoying sometimes. Hopefully you love them unconditionally, but during your teenage years, as you are a budding independent young woman, sometimes you’ll clash. When these times come, it’s hard to respect your parents, but it’s not the same with grandparents. One of the key reasons to spend more time with your grandmother is simply that she isn’t your parent. You can take advice from her without putting up your defenses. Enjoy her presence regularly.

2 She’s Wise

It’s true what they say, that older people are wiser. But another truthful adage is this: “You can’t be old and wise if you’re never young and crazy.” Your wise, serene grandmother was once a reckless youth, too. She knows what you’re going through and therefore can both guide you and relate to you during your time with her.


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3 She Has Perspective

Every year spent on Earth provides a person with greater perspective. Your grandmother, however long she’s been alive, probably has better perspective than anyone you know. Your friends can offer great advice at times, but mostly it’s limited and slightly askew. Your parents have a better idea of how the world works, but nothing quite adds up to the sage guidance seasoned by years of experience a grandmother can offer!

4 She Has Memories

The 20th century was a crazy time, to say the least. From the invention of TV, to two World Wars, to the first man on the moon, the 20th century was one of the most exciting—and terrifying—times to live in. You can read about it in history books as much as you want, but nothing will compare to talking to someone who experienced the real thing.

5 She Loves You

Like your parents, your grandmother loves you. Unconditionally, for better or for worse, and through thick and thin. Someone capable of love like that is someone you want in your life! Plus, she will appreciate when you return that love to her with weekly or monthly visits.

6 She’ll Always Be There for You

Grandmothers aren’t like friends and boyfriends who will come and go throughout your life. Your Grandmother will be a constant until the day she leaves this world behind. For as long as you can, spend time with her, seek her advice, and cherish the memories you create with her.

7 You Can Never Spend Enough Time with Her

Grandmothers are such a joyous gift that you shouldn’t dwell on the idea of them passing away. Still, know that there is no stopping the circle of life, and that you should spend as much time with her as possible. No time is too much time when it comes to grandmothers! Whether it’s tea and a game of chess once a week at her home, or a shopping spree once a month, make sure you spend as much time with your grandmother as you possibly can.

If you’re lucky enough to know your grandmother, don’t take her for granted. You should celebrate her life every time you get the chance to, and go to her for love and advice whenever you can. Why do you love spending time with your grandmother?

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