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7 Reasons Not to Worry if You're Not Popular at High School ...

By Alison

There are many reasons not to worry if you’re not popular at high school. It can be very difficult when you're not part of the 'in crowd'; high school is a place where it's considered important to conform and belong. But not everyone can or wants to be part of the group. Here are some sound reasons not to worry if you’re not popular at high school …

1 You'll Leave

One of the reasons not to worry if you’re not popular at high school is that you won't be at high school forever. Eventually you'll leave and move on. You'll make new friends, discover new experiences, and forget about what high school was like. So why worry about something that comes with an expiry date?

2 Individual

If you're not popular, this may be because you're more of an individual than most people. Perhaps you've got a more interesting personality than the 'popular' girls. That's something to be proud of, even if other people think that you need to conform. The world needs people who have their own opinions and don't blindly follow what other people say and do.

3 Good Friends

Just because you're not part of the in crowd doesn't mean that you don't have friends. In fact, those friendships are probably far more meaningful than being part of the popular group. Would popular girls be there for you if you had problems? This is one case where quality is definitely better than quantity.

4 Conditional

In order to be popular, you'd probably have to be the kind of person that you actually are not. That means compromising and not being the real you. Is it worth pretending you're someone different just to be popular? If that's what matters to you, then maybe - but it means sacrificing your integrity and being rather fake.

5 Happy

As long as you're happy, then it shouldn't matter if you're not popular. The popular girls may not actually be all that happy inside. They've got an image and position to maintain, and that can be hard work. It can also easily come crashing down one day. Be yourself, and don't desperately try to be popular - it won't work.

6 Future

You'll spend many more years out of high school than you ever did in it. There are a lot of years ahead of you. People who aren't part of a clique at high school and who aren't popular often go on to achieve more in later life, perhaps because they are more motivated - and they may even be nicer people, because they've learned how important that is.

7 Mean Girls

Finally, Mean Girls wasn't just a movie. Many high schools contain a clique just like in the movie. Why would anyone want to be part of a group that treats people so badly? But that's what cliques can depend on. It's far better to be a nice person, and not treat others badly.

So if people are mean to you because you're not popular, ignore them. They're the ones with the problem. Don't let anyone get to you, and be pleased that you're a nicer person. Your high school days will come to an end, and you'll realise that being popular isn't that important. What is your high school like?

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