7 Reasons Not to Freak out if You Get a Bad Grade ...


If you get a bad grade, it can seem like a disaster. You may worry that your final grade will be affected, or that you'll fail your course. But it's not always as bad as it may seem. Worrying about one bad grade may make it harder for you to do well in your next classes, so you should look at the situation with a cool head. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't freak out if you get a bad grade …

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Room for Improvement

If you get a bad grade, don't panic. There is actually a bright side to your bad grade - you have room for improvement. You may now know where your weak point is, and what you need to work on. Ask your tutor how you can improve your grades for that class, and what in their opinion you should read up on.


Off Day

Even the brightest students can have an off day, and your bad grade may simply be down to the fact that you were tired or unwell. Try to work out if your poor result was down to this, or if you really need to work on the topic more. If it's just a one-off, then don't panic and assume you're going to fail - few people get top grades all the time.


Tutors Will Help

Tutors are there to help, so discuss your results with them, and any concerns you may have about the subject or problems that may be affecting your work. They don't want you to do badly, and will do everything they can to help you do better. Ask them to identify your weak points, recommend further reading, or go through your work with you.


One of Many

One bad mark may not be a problem at all, depending on how your course is assessed. The final result may be worked out by taking an average mark, or the worst grade may be discounted. If you can afford to get one bad mark , and your other grades have been good, then you shouldn't worry.


Look at Why

You should also look at why you've got a poor mark. Are there any external factors affecting your work? Perhaps you've had health problems, have had to move house, or have family problems. If there is a reason outside your control that has affected your grade, speak to your tutor; this may be taken into account.


Study Smarter

Also ask yourself honestly if it's your responsibility why you haven't done well. Have you been prioritizing your social life, or leaving your assignments until the last minute? Most people don't work well under pressure, so it's best to start your work in good time so that you don't end up rushing to finish it. Get into better study habits.



It is important to do your best to get good grades. But some of the smartest, most successful people didn't do well at school, and not everyone is academic. Maybe your talents lie in more practical or business skills?

One bad grade isn't the end of the world, and can be improved. But if you consistently do badly, you need to take action. Consider what you could do to improve, or whether you'd be suited to a different course. Do you have any study tips?

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This actually happened to me, where I got a really bad grade on an assignment that was worth a lot. I broke down crying seeing that because it was a mark for my major and I was worried that I may not be able to stay in my program. But I didn't give up hope and I studied like crazy for my final exam and I got saved with a 95%! So I wanna say everything is possible don't lose hope!

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