7 Issues 🤔 You Should Always Discuss 👥 with Your Parents before Going to College 🏢 ...


You’re about to enter a stage of your life that’s radically different from the past 18 years or so. If you are moving out for college rather than commuting, you need to discuss these important issues with your parents before you leave. Some topics may be difficult or awkward to talk about, but in the end you’ll be thankful for having these conversations.

1. Money

Arguably the most pressing issue to discuss with your parents before leaving for college is money! Will you continue/start to receive allowance while you’re away? Or are you expected to find a job as soon as possible to support yourself? If they took out loans, you should talk to them about that, too. Do they expect you to pay them back? If so, when? There’s a lot to consider with all of this, so make sure you get it all sorted out as soon as possible.

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