How to Handle the Pressure of Getting a Room after Prom ...


Are you thinking about getting a room after prom? Prom is one of the most special, wonderful nights of your teenage years. It’s filled with glamour, romance and moments made for memories. But sometimes your date puts pressure on you. Here's how to handle the pressure of getting a room after prom.

1. Don’t do Anything You Aren’t Certain You Want to do

You should never do anything you aren’t certain you want to do with your current boyfriend or any other person in the future. Healthy relationships are built upon respect and that includes respecting the limits of your partner. If your date or boyfriend isn’t respectful of those limits then kick them to the curb! You’re valuable and deserve better than that. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into renting a hotel room after prom if that's something you’re not ready for.

Take Your Time Making a Decision
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