How to Handle an Embarrassing Crush on a Teacher ...

Do you have a crush on one of your teachers? This is perfectly normal, and plenty of girls go through this. They seem so mature compared to high school boys. But you can't act on it, so how do you deal with seeing your crush every day? Having a crush on a teacher can be quite painful, and even embarrassing, so here's how to handle it …

1. Don't Even Think about Acting on It

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However much you may be tempted to hint to your teacher how you feel, keep quiet. Don't even think about making a move. You're likely to embarrass yourself, however tactfully they handle it. There's no chance of a relationship with them; it would put their job at risk, and could even lead to legal charges.

2. Respect Your Teacher's Position

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Your teacher is in a position of authority, so respect that. However mature you think you are, you're not their equal. So let them do their job. They're here to help you learn and prepare you for the world as an adult - but that doesn't include a personal relationship. Don't try to blur the lines and make them into something they can't be.

3. It's Normal - Teachers Can Be Cute!

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It's really very normal for students to have a crush on a teacher. Teachers are human, and can even be quite cute. So you're not at all unusual if you develop a crush on one of your teachers. Your teenage years can be pretty intense, and having a crush on a teacher is like having one on a celeb - it's a rehearsal for genuine relationships.

4. Keep It to Yourself, or Everyone Will Know

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Crushes are best kept to yourself; if you tell anyone, there's a big chance it'll leak out. Then before long everyone knows and will make jokes about you. News travels even faster on social media, so unless you want photoshopped pics or mean comments to be posted - keep quiet about your crush.

5. Don't Take It out on Your Teacher

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You might actually get angry with your teacher, as if it's their fault that you can't act on your crush. Don't take it out on them. And you shouldn't try to conceal your crush by acting up in class or making out that you hate your teacher. Either you'll draw attention to yourself with your strange behavior, or you'll get yourself into trouble.

6. Focus on Your Work, and Don't Get Distracted by Your Crush

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School may be boring at times, but don't lose focus of what you're there for - to learn. Distract yourself from your crush by concentrating on your work and getting good grades. Your future is important; you need good grades to get into your chosen college and get a good job.

7. Wait for It to Pass

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Yes, your crush feels so important to you right now that you can't imagine it disappearing - but it will. Before long you won't even remember why you felt so strongly about them. If knowing your crush will go nowhere makes you feel sad, console yourself with the fact that it will pass.

It can hurt to know that your teacher is out of reach, but that's where they have to stay. Let it pass, and find someone appropriate to date - in your own age group. Have you ever had a 'weird crush' that nobody understands?

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