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For the seniors of 2014, there is less than five months of school left, which means it is almost time to come up with some of the most memorable senior year pranks. Saying goodbye to high school comes with the responsibility of leaving legacy behind so that your graduating class can be remembered forever. However it is always important to know your limits and avoid getting out of control. So here are several harmless and memorable senior year pranks for your inspiration!

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Chicken in the Halls

If you want your graduation class to pull off one of the most memorable senior year pranks, it is always a good idea to incorporate animals. For example, a group of seniors can chip in and purchase two chickens once graduation is in sight. Label them with ‘number 1’ and ‘number 3’, and set them free to roam the halls. Once the school faculty learns about the intruders, they will spend forever searching for the non-existent chicken ‘number 2’.


Post-its Everywhere

To pull off this prank, you need the cooperation of the entire senior class. Everyone should bring in a number of packs of post-its to school and cover the halls from top to bottom. You can even get creative and spell out the year of your graduating class using post its and write messages for other people to read!


When planning this colorful escapade, coordination is key. Pre-dawn set-up is the perfect time to execute, as you will have the element of surprise on your side. Ensure there is a variety of bold hues for maximum impact, and consider assigning areas to avoid duplication. It's important to be respectful and avoid blocking essential signage or safety equipment. If you're feeling especially ambitious, create a post-it mural on a prominent school wall or spell out a good-humored, but school-appropriate message. Remember, the goal is to leave a lasting impression that’s all in good fun.


Cups Filled with Water

If you don’t mind getting a little messier, you can always resort to a much bigger prank. If the entire class can chip in, you can buy a couple of thousands of plastic cups and water. You can place those cups full of water all over the hallways and even block staircases.


Alarm Clocks

For this prank to work, you really need to get the consensus of the entire senior class. Once that’s done and over with, try to get everyone to bring an alarm clock to school and hide it all over the building with the timer set off at different times. This will completely puzzle the teachers! However make sure that everyone knows it is a senior prank, so that the entire school won’t get evacuated.


Color the Pool

If your school has a pool, there are additional ideas that you can work with. For example you can take any harmless food coloring or even Kool-Aid and personalize the color of your pool. You can additionally place a sign with a message from the entire graduating class. However make sure to think everything through, so that things won’t take the wrong turn.


Fill up the School with Balloons

Graduation is the time to celebrate all of the years that you have spent in high school, and no celebration is complete without balloons! In order to raise the school spirit, work together with your graduating class to fill the halls with hundreds of balloons! Leave no space empty! Not only will the school look pretty, but it is also less likely to get you into trouble than some of the other prank ideas.


Put Ketchup in Soap Dispensers

If you would like to execute the senior prank on a much smaller scale, why not mess with the school bathrooms? Just choose a liquid of your own choice, for example ketchup and replace all of the soap dispensers with it. It is a harmless but yet interesting prank that will get everyone talking.

Senior pranks are very hard to pull off without getting everyone into serious trouble. Therefore while trying to have fun and leaving behind memories, make sure to take precautions! You know your school staff better than I do, so avoid doing things that will take away your privileges and instead do something you can all find humor in. What are some of your hilarious, but safe senior prank ideas?

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The whole numbered animals thing is so old, I'm sure they will figure that one out right away

Put Icy Hot on the toilet seats!

Lol! I'm graduating this year - wish we had senior year pranks in Sweden as well!

Im graduating next year thanks love the ideas!

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