7 Great Job Ideas for Teenagers That Are Worth Taking up ...


There are many great jobs for teenagers, whether you are looking for summer employment or a job throughout the school year. Even in difficult economic times, there are still great jobs for teenagers as long as you expand your job criteria, and continue to try!

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Whether in an office or a senior citizen complex, there are people who want and need cleaners. Some of these roles can be very flexible and many prefer to have someone come in after hours. This may mean evening or weekend work. As long as the setting is safe, this can work out well with any other activities you may have, including school and sports. It also takes minimal training, which makes this one of the great jobs for teenagers!



Teenagers today are so tech savvy that working on a computer is like turning on a TV. The last hurrah of blogs these days allow those who have some skills in the English language, typing, and sharing information to have a flexible and in demand job literally at their fingertips. Prices are usually paid per blog, although some pay hourly. Do your research, and find the verifiable sites.



Do either of you or a friend have a car at your disposal? There are busy professionals and parents who would love to have a few chores off of their plate. From picking up dry cleaning, grocery shopping, renting a movie, or even delivering things for their businesses (think a bakery, travel agency, small supply store, etc.), if you have a clean driving record and good reputation, this may be a good avenue for you to pursue. Always complete your due diligence when you are working for yourself, and you may find the flexibility of this job (and ability to listen to your own music in the car!) will be right up your alley!



While the 'self-serve' line at the grocery store has become increasingly popular, there are still many stores that need and want reliable help. Not only does this help the business owner, you might also get some great discounts on back to school clothing and supplies! Not to mention, having something on your resume which shows you were able to handle cash successfully shows that you are probably someone who handles responsibility well. Believe it or not, employers look at this when you are an adult!


Charity Work

If you contact your local American Cancer Society, American Red Cross etc., and ask if there are job opportunities for you, chances are someone will take you up on this offer. This is an especially great job if you read out loud well. They may want you to work a phone bank contacting previous donors to see if they would like to donate again. Not to mention, if this is a cause which touches your heart, you will get a greater sense of satisfaction while also getting a paycheck!


Restaurant Work

Someday, take a poll of successful adults you know. Ask them if they have ever worked in a restaurant. Chances are, a majority of them will say they have done everything from busing tables to chopping onions! Choose your restaurant well, and pick a position that interests you. If you want to be a server, you often will have to begin as a host. This is an excellent job for learning how to multi-task. If you like to cook, you may start off as a dishwasher, move to prep cook, and beyond. This is also an great job because the hours are flexible, as you may well need!


The Library

There are many academic-type organizations which exist to promote youth and education. The local libraries, school libraries, and even private libraries are some of these organizations. You may be asked to do everything from running the front desk to restocking the shelves. In the meantime, you will be surrounded by more knowledge than a person could hold in their lifetime! Your horizons will be expanded if you drink in the knowledge of the books which make your job possible.

There are many tremendous job opportunities for teenagers. The key is to find someone who is willing to take a chance on you, and to prove to them their instincts about you being an awesome employee were on the mark! What is the best advice you could give to a teenager looking for a job?

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How does the blogging thing work? Like work for a large blog that's not just run by one person?

Volunteers don't get paid, but there are full-time and part-time workers at not-for-profits/ charity organizations that do get paid.

Does charity organisations really give pay checks? I thought they don't?...

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