Get Some Help with Narrowing down Your College List ...


Narrowing down your college list. isn't always easy. Most student counselors recommend students to apply to approximately five to eight colleges, because more than that usually doesn’t make sense. If you live in the US you should know that The Education Trust has developed a wonderful and very helpful tool called College Results Online to help students compose a list of colleges to apply to and it also provides a lot of authoritative data in an user-friendly presentation. Visit this site if you want to find out more about the colleges you are interested in. And here are some more helpful tips for narrowing down your college list:

1. Start with a Large Group of Colleges

One of the most important things for narrowing down your college list is to make sure that you start with a large group of colleges that appeal to you. I’m sure you’ll be able to identify 20 or more colleges without a problem. If you only found 2 or 3 colleges that interest you, then search for more based on what you want in a college. Experts say that it’s best to start with 10 or even 20 colleges that you then cut down

Make a Shorter List
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