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Your teenage years are a time to try new things, and these hairstyles to try before you turn 18 should be included in your many beauty adventures! While you'll always have every right to do whatever you want with your hair, once you get older, it will be a little more challenging to pull off certain hairstyles. So if you’re under 18 and looking for some exciting hairstyles to try before it’s too late, try these fabulous ‘dos!

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Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut In my opinion, one of the most charming hairstyles to try at any age is a pixie cut. But when you’re young, a pixie cut seems for effortlessly lovely, not to say that older ladies don’t look stunning with this chic look as well. But as a teenager, your face is still fresh and innocent- just like this cut! So, if you think you have the face for it and you’re daring enough to chop off your long locks, you should definitely consider a pixie cut!


Messy Bun

Messy Bun There are few times in your life when you can get away with a messy bun, and your teenage years are one of those times! The world nearly has an expectation for teenagers to be lazy, but that sometimes works in your favor! You can wear your hair in a messy bun and receive no criticism, especially since it’s an increasingly popular trend! That’s why a messy bun is a perfect hairstyle to try before you turn 18!



Bohemian Before you enter the adult world of tied back hair and pencil skirts, you should try a bohemian hairstyle. This easygoing hairstyle reflects your forever-young spirit, and makes you look effortlessly beautiful! There are dozens of bohemian styles worth trying out, and countless bohemian accessories that will complement them. So when it comes down to it, bohemian styles look fabulous on any teenager!


Curls with Bows

Curls with Bows If you’re a peppy, bubbly student, curls with bows were basically made for you! But this timeless style isn’t just for cheerleaders. Anyone under 18 looks adorable with curly locks and a sweet and simple bow to top off the masterpiece. Softly curled hair with bows screams youth, beauty, and femininity. Channel your inner Shirley Temple and give this classic, innocent look a try!


Pig Tails

Pig Tails Pig tails are another easy, care-free hairstyle worth trying before you turn 18. We all wore our hair in pig tails when we were younger, and would tug at our hair ties all day long! But your teenage years are the time to bring back pig tails! One pony tail is cute, but two, undeniably adorable! Teenage girls look fun-loving and adorable with pig tails, whereas once you're older, you’ll just look a little silly.


Bow Hair

Bow Hair Lately, hair stylists have been becoming increasingly artistic with their work. Hair is now a medium for art, but it isn’t limited to high fashion stylists; you can be a hair artist too! One of the most popular trends is the bow hairstyle. While walking into a cooperate office with your hair in the shape of a bow would look laughable, walking onto school campus with the same style will make your friends flock toward you, utterly amazed! Keep in mind that this style isn’t for the faint of heart, but you should definitely try it!


Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors The latest trend in hair coloring seems to be pastel colors. If you tend to blend into the crowd and want to stand out, a sure fire way to do just that is to dye your hair one of the beautiful pastel colors! Fuchsia, teal, violet and aqua are all stunning pastel shades to experiment with. You may need to bleach your hair to prepare your hair for a pastel dye, but you’re guaranteed to turn heads with such vibrant hair. If you end up regretting the color, don’t worry too much; you can always dye it back to normal. But youth is all about making mistakes and giving everything another shot, isn’t it?

You’re lucky to be young enough to do whatever you want with your hair, without receiving too much scorn from your peers. So you should take advantage of it! What hairstyles from this list would you like to try? What other styles do you recommend to teens?

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