7 Great Colleges in New York to Consider Applying to ...

With the New Year approaching, the college application season is almost over so I just wanted to share some of the great colleges in New York that I learned about through my college searching experience. College is a stressful topic to even think about, it requires a lot of research and lots of deliberation time. So if you are a sophomore or a junior in high school and are looking for colleges in New York, this post will come in handy.

1. Cornell University

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Without any research you probably already know that Cornell University is one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools around the world. It offers great education and has a great social scene, so you can be confident that you will get a complete college experience. One of reasons why I applied to Cornell University was because I have spent all my life living in the city and I wanted a change in the environment. In addition, Cornell has a lot of things to offer, it has amazing overseas programs and research opportunities that are hard to pass on. Although it is a reach school for most, don’t be afraid to test your luck! It is one of the best colleges in New York after all.

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