7 Education Quotes That Will Motivate You for the New School Year ...

When you once again, suddenly find yourself cooped up in a classroom, you may need some motivating education quotes to gear you up for the new school year. Each new school year has something exciting to offer. There are school dances and football games to look forward to. There is also a lot to look forward to in the classroom. You get to learn new concepts and read new books that can help you grow as person. However, it can be difficult to see these benefits when you are doing homework all weekend long, which is why you may want to keep these education quotes on hand to keep you motivated while you are doing tedious homework assignments.

1. Developing Your Mind

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There are many education quotes to inspire you, including William Deresiewicz's statement. While your education is invaluable to your future career, the real value of an education is that it develops your mind. You learn to be a critical thinker, solve problems, and analyze situations. All of these skills will serve you well in life and help you be successful in whatever you set out to do.

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