10 Costly πŸ’° College Admissions βœ… Mistakes πŸ™Š ...


Your college application is one of the most important events of your life. Deciding where to study, what to study, and how you will pay for it is quite a minefield and even though there’s tons of help online, there are many mistakes that are easy to make. Here are the most costly college admission mistakes.

1. Thinking That You Cannot Afford the Best Colleges

If you are good enough to possibly gain admission into the college then there is a good chance you are good enough to get a scholarship for a high achiever. Even if you apply for scholarship after scholarship, why not still consider a student loan? Debt companies are willing to lend money to students which does not have to be paid back until after they graduate--take advantage of this. If you are sure enough about your ability, there is no reason why you will fail, which means you will easily be able to pay back the debt when you get a job.

Focusing on a Very Narrow Field of Colleges
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