9 College Courses That Will Pay off ...


It seems so difficult to find college courses that will pay off. Some colleges have core requirements, in which case you will be exposed to many different topics that you probably wouldn’t have explored otherwise. But do you ever wonder which classes will actually help you beyond college? Well, no fear, ladies! I have struggled with that myself, too, and here are nine interesting college courses that will pay off in the future.

1. Psychology

It is so interesting to learn about how people think and why people do certain things. And if you’re the kind of person who prefers something more on the side of the hard sciences, Neuropsychology is the class for you! When I took my Neuropsychology course at Stanford, my mind was blown away (pun intended)! We studied the connections between the brain and the body. We learned so much about memory, theories and experiments, and parts of the brain and how it works. Psychology is definitely one of the college courses that will pay off: it equipped me with knowledge that will be useful in the work field because I learned how to understand people and basic brain functions.

Statistics or Economics
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