7 Benefits of an All Girls School That Are Worth considering ...


When I started out my high school experience, I was not fully aware of the benefits of an all girls school. Looking back now, I am so lucky to have gone to the academy I did. It challenged me to work diligently, encouraged me to meet new people and inspired me to reach my fullest potential. These are the benefits of an all girlโ€™s school that I see.

1. Environment

When I tell people I went to an all girlโ€™s high school, they begin to interrogate me about the cattiness and drama. But contrary to popular belief, we donโ€™t have more than a normal high school dose. No matter what school you end up at, there will be drama; itโ€™s inevitable. But one benefit of an all girlโ€™s school that I found was that the environment was full of kind girls who werenโ€™t really looking for trouble. The environment was definitely a key factor in my decision to attend there.

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