How to Create a Study Schedule for Girls New to College 🗒🖋🎓 ...


Anyone new to college will know how stressful the big change can be as well as feeling the pressure of needing to keep up with the endless workload amongst other things! 📅 🎓

Follow these super simple and easy steps to creating your own study schedule, which will keep you on top of everything college-related and totally prepared at all times! 🗒🖋2

1. Consider Your Extra-curricular Activities

The first thing you should do if you want to make a study timetable or schedule is to simply consider all of your extra-curricular activities.

This could be anything from clubs, teams, sports or late night classes that you attend during the week.

Make sure you have all of these activities in your head as you follow the next step in making your specialised study timetable!

2. Create a Timetable in Grid Form

Now it's time to start making your timetable!

I recommend that you use a handy programme like Excel which comes with grid all ready for you to use, or alternatively, there's heaps of ready-made templates on Google images if you google 'study timetable' and all you have to do is print this off and fill it in!

Couldn't be easier, right?

It's completely up to you however you choose to make it, but bear in mind that making it on the computer means you can make copies (which takes a lot longer if you're making your timetable by hand.

On the timetable, write each day of the week (Monday - Sunday) along the top row and each hour of the day in the left hand column.

If you don't know what time to start with, simply start from when you wake up in the morning and finish with the time you usually go to sleep or the time you generally wouldn't do anything past due to it being too late.

Add in Your Weekly Activities
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