7 Fun and Exciting Alternatives to Prom ...


There are tons of alternatives to prom for teens who either can’t or don’t want to attend their school’s prom.2

Just because you’re not taking part in a traditional high school event doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time too!

These fun and exciting alternatives to prom will ensure that you have a night just as memorable as your peers.

1. Amusement Park

Amusement Park

If you’re looking for one of the most fun and exciting alternatives to prom, look no further than your local amusement park!

Spending the day or evening at an amusement park is a special experience for many people, so if you don’t visit one often you should consider going as an alternative to prom!

2. All You Can Eat Sushi

All You Can Eat Sushi

While the other girls from your school are sucking in their stomachs to prevent sequins from popping off their dresses, you can be stuffing your face with delicious sushi!

Who cares what you look like or if you’re going a little overboard on the sushi?

If there’s a Japanese restaurant near you, odds are they have an all you can eat sushi night.

If that night falls on the same date as prom, you’ll have just as great a time feasting on yummy, exotic food as your peers have at prom.

3. Party


Lots of teens have parties before and especially after prom, but why not have a party instead of prom?

If you know of several people skipping out on prom this year, throw a party at your place the night of the big dance!2

You’ll have just as much fun and much more freedom in the comfort of your own home than at a school-sponsored dance.

So instead of moping around on prom night, open up your house to all your non-prom going friends!

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