11. Craft

Definition: (verb) to make or manufacture (an object)) with skill and careful attention to detail.

Replaces: makes/produces/writes

I love the word “craft” because it instantly fills your teacher’s mind with imagery that will galvanize her to keep on reading! Instead of asserting that a writer “produces a speech” or “writes a story”, employ this artful word!

“The speaker crafts his lecture by including a myriad of allusions to other salient speeches” is a great start to a thesis statement! Varied word choice is always advantageous in writing, whereas a limited vocabulary can prove to be egregious! While your peers write essays filled with erroneous grammar and improper uses of diction, you’ll be creating a unique essay! Since “craft” alters the tone of your entire essay, you can reason that it will engender a higher score on your paper!

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