What is πŸ€” Your Learning πŸ€“ Style?


What is your learning style? Are you the type of student who absolutely dreads the prospect of your teacher setting you an essay? Would you much rather be doing practical class work and group work? The reason for this could be that you have yet to discover your preferred learning style. Once you have that self knowledge, you might find that essay writing becomes a lot easier and less stressful for you. Here are some tips that will help you to discover what you own learning style is, hopefully it will open up the world of good essay writing for you.

So, what is your learning style?

1. Visual Learner

You find it much easier to learn from visual representations than from words on a page. For example, your favourite classes are the ones that use PowerPoint presentations and make use of things like documentaries and films. If you commit to doing most of your learning through visual means, then by the time essay writing comes around you will have stored much more information.

Tactile Learner
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