7 Weird Study Habits That Actually Work ...

We all had or have study habits in our desire to come out of a semester with flying colors (or at least with passing grades). I rounded up some people who shared their weird study habits that actually worked for them. In this piece, I am also sharing some of my study habits that proved to be effective in my quest for more knowledge. Word of caution: these are not scientifically proven habits so proceed with care:

1. While Watching TV

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I don't agree with this study habit because honestly, I think it divides your attention and takes your mind off the very thing that you should be doing: STUDYING! But it works for John, 24, who graduated with a degree in library science and went on to be on the topnotcher's list of the board exam for professional librarians. "They said it's multitasking. I say it's giving your brain time to breathe while you're doing serious stuff. Does that make any sense?" Doesn't to me but...whatever works.

2. While Listening to Music

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There is something comforting about having mellow music playing in the background while studying about the Mesopotamian civilization, says Gil, an architect. In high school, he said history lessons are boring and he got by with a big help from Norah Jones and some Stevie Wonder melodies.

3. In a Moving Vehicle

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This one I did in high school since I had a two to three hours round trip to and from school. That's a lot of time. My Mom repeatedly warned me (since first grade!) about the detrimental effects on my eyes of reading in a moving vehicle but I seldom listened and went on with the habit until college. Now taking my master's, I don't do it anymore. I get dizzy. But back in those days, it really worked and I would always get to class prepared or go home from school feeling like I knew some universal secrets.

4. Burning the Midnight Oil

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By the time she is home from school, Ana changes to her house clothes, eats her dinner, spends an hour watching TV and then, goes to sleep. She wakes up at 10 or 11 p.m. to study for her periodical exams. "House is quiet by that time and everyone is asleep. I can concentrate that way," she said.

5. Studying in the Bedroom

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My brother Kevin is a master of this craft. He used to spread his books and notes on the bed and read so loudly it irritated my other brother. But he got the job done: scoring high in exams and making my Mom happy. He was also great at memorizing texts while lying down. No, he didn't fall asleep.

6. Book under Pillow

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My brother Hendrix believes that if you put a book under your pillow, somehow by some form of cosmic combination and integration of forces, the knowledge from the book will penetrate to your brain. Of course he does this after hours of studying. He feels that a book under the pillow will make the knowledge-seeker and knowledge-provider connected. Anyone out there who gets this or is it just me giving Hendrix the you-are-so-weird look?

7. Make up and Dress up

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This is me! I put on make up and dress up when I study. I feel more confident that I will be able to understand what I am reading and reviewing if I look and feel pretty. The same thing goes when I am taking an exam, I wear happy colors because it perks up the atmosphere and channels positive vibes.

Any other study habits that work for you?

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