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7 Ways to save Money on Prom ...

By Sabrina

Every year, high school seniors struggle to think of simple ways to save money on prom. Also every year, prom gets more expensive. The dress, the shoes, hair, makeup, nails, not to mention the ticket! Prom can easily cost someone upwards of $500.00, but it doesn’t have to! During prom season, keep in mind these ways to save money on prom to save your wallet from severe losses!

1 Buy a Dress on EBay

eBay has a great variety of prom dresses for a fraction of the price that stores like Windsor and Nordstrom sell them for. That’s why one of the most painless ways to save money on prom is to simply buy your dress online. If you can get a cute dress for fifty dollars or five hundred dollars, which would you choose?

2 Borrow/ Rent a Dress

Even with options like eBay, prom dresses can be pretty pricey. If you have an older sister or friend, you can borrow their old prom dress and still look fabulous! Otherwise, there are several stores that rent out prom dresses! And there’s nothing wrong with renting a prom dress- after all, guys get to rent tuxes! You should get to rent a dress too. So search for prom dress rentals near you and save some money on prom!

3 Go with a Large Group

You should try to join a prom group as large as possible if you want to save some serious cash. It’s tradition to arrive at prom in a limo, or even a party bus. The more people your prom group has, the more people have to divide the cost of the limo, which means you’ll each save tons of money!

4 Do Your Own Hair and Makeup

It’s definitely tempting to get your hair and makeup professionally done for prom. Who doesn’t want to be treated like a queen on the most important night of their senior year? But if you’re concerned with financing prom, you can easily solve your problem by doing your own hair and makeup. If you need extra hands, get some friends together to make a group effort at beautifying yourselves!

5 Dine Frugally

Most prom groups like to go out to dinner before prom. That can be a lot of fun, but it can also cost a lot of money. Suggest restaurants that are reasonably priced to your friends, and order meals that aren’t ridiculously priced. Prom night is about the dance, not the dinner, so spending fifty dollars on a meal isn’t exactly wise, frugal spending.

6 Mom-directed Photo Ops

Why would you hire a professional photographer for prom when moms and dads practically live for taking pictures of their daughters? Plus, these in-home photographers come free! Need I say more?

7 Buy Your Ticket Early

Some schools have early bird prices for their tickets, and if yours does you should take advantage of that! You may only save ten or twenty dollars, but it still makes a difference! If you know you want to go to prom, you should buy your ticket right away, because hesitating will only hurt you!

At the end of the day, prom is going to be an expensive event no matter what. But there are a few small sacrifices you can make here and there that will add up so that you save a significant amount of money! How do you plan to save money on prom?

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