7 Ways to save Money on Prom ...


Every year, high school seniors struggle to think of simple ways to save money on prom. Also every year, prom gets more expensive. The dress, the shoes, hair, makeup, nails, not to mention the ticket! Prom can easily cost someone upwards of $500.00, but it doesn’t have to! During prom season, keep in mind these ways to save money on prom to save your wallet from severe losses!

1. Buy a Dress on EBay

eBay has a great variety of prom dresses for a fraction of the price that stores like Windsor and Nordstrom sell them for. That’s why one of the most painless ways to save money on prom is to simply buy your dress online. If you can get a cute dress for fifty dollars or five hundred dollars, which would you choose?

Borrow/ Rent a Dress
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