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Do you need to revamp your dorm room? Even though most dorm rooms have got more up to date, they can still be quite drab and un-homey. This is definitely the worst thing when you have just left home! When I first started university, I found that my room was very bare even when I had all of my belongings inside, and it wasn’t until the second semester that I found some really handy tips to make my room more homey. So, I am going to share with you a few ways to revamp your dorm room.

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Get a Comfy Chair

Get a Comfy Chair This is not only the best way to revamp your dorm room, it will also boost your efficiency and eagerness to do those assignments. You can find comfy armchairs at second hand shops or on swapping and selling sites online, if a new one is not within budget. A comfy chair will not only complete your room, it will also encourage you to sit at your desk. Let’s be honest: we are probably all guilty of doing our work on our beds.


Cushions and Throws

Cushions and Throws Cushions, throws and bed linens are the best way to express your personality. There is no better (or less pricey) way to inject a bit of colour to your room. Choose a good colour palette and stick to those colours; this will mean that they will complement each other and your room will look even more fab. If you are feeling more adventurous, why not tie dye your sheets? This can be done as a bonding task with your new roommate or people on your corridor. Just remember to wear gloves!


Picture Line and Wall Art

Picture Line and Wall Art There is nothing worse than bare walls! However, quite a lot of universities do not allow you to stick pictures on the walls, as it leaves marks and leads to damage charges. And who wants that? To avoid this, you can hang a piece of string between shelves and then put a few mini clothes pegs on it. This is the perfect way to hang pictures of your favourite people or animals. If you are one of the lucky few who can have decorations, don’t go overboard and just stick to a few items of wall art. Personalising your wall art can also be a task to do with new friends!


Notice Board

Notice Board Most universities do provide you with a notice board, and these can easily be revamped! Get sample sizes of wall paint and write your initials or something that resembles you and your personality. You could try putting your timetable and a to do list on the board. Also, this is the perfect place to keep a few inspirational quotes, just to keep you motivated during the struggles with assignments. If you’re feeling extra nice, post little messages on your room mate's board for them to find.


Organisation Boxes

Organisation Boxes Do you ever find yourself overloaded with paper that you can’t throw out, but that's not really important on a day to day basis? By getting a few boxes that are decorated, you can store them in sections, such as: old assignments, bank stuff, and important information and notes. That way everything will be easy to find and it allows your desk to be clutter free.

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Colour Coordinate

Colour Coordinate The best way to make your room look all together and perfect will be to coordinate with your room mate. Obviously, if your room mate isn’t the most stylish, then don’t go down that road.


Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights Don’t just think of the fluffy pink feathery ones, think of the lantern or cute flower ones. Not only do they look great, they are also a great way to relax! A while ago I read somewhere that it’s not good for you to do assignments in the same area where you relax. Lights transform your room and gives the lit area a different atmosphere. Why not have them on whilst you are reading your favourite novel with a cup of tea?



Rugs Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and get out of bed, then suddenly you are stunned by the cold floor? A rug is a must have! Plus, you can get some really nice and colourful ones; just remember to stick to that colour palette!

I hope these tips will help you to revamp your dorm room; just remember that even if you can’t stick things up there are other ways to create wall art. You don’t have to live in that boring and lifeless room! What are your tips on revamping a dorm room?

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Just wondering were these beautiful spacious dorm-rooms are ? My daughters and her friends rooms look nothing like this . Navaho white brick walls and oak furniture from the 70's . Can't paint dorms and most of them won't let you use nails

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