8 Ways to Revamp Your Dorm Room ...

Do you need to revamp your dorm room? Even though most dorm rooms have got more up to date, they can still be quite drab and un-homey. This is definitely the worst thing when you have just left home! When I first started university, I found that my room was very bare even when I had all of my belongings inside, and it wasn’t until the second semester that I found some really handy tips to make my room more homey. So, I am going to share with you a few ways to revamp your dorm room.

1. Get a Comfy Chair

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This is not only the best way to revamp your dorm room, it will also boost your efficiency and eagerness to do those assignments. You can find comfy armchairs at second hand shops or on swapping and selling sites online, if a new one is not within budget. A comfy chair will not only complete your room, it will also encourage you to sit at your desk. Let’s be honest: we are probably all guilty of doing our work on our beds.

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