7 Ways to Deal with Sibling-induced Stress ...


Lots if teens struggle to find successful ways to deal with sibling-induced stress. Siblings torment each other naturally, but sometimes the stress they cause can push you past your limits. These ways to deal with sibling-induced stress can help your teenage years go by a lot more smoothly.

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Be Your Own Person

Sometimes the best way to deal with sibling-induced stress is to be your own person. Sibling rivalries often emerge because siblings are competing to fill the same slot in their family. (Be the best athlete, student, daughter etc.) If your parents put pressure on you to follow in the footsteps on your older siblings, just remember that you're your own person, someone who will accomplish unique feats all on her own!


Talk to Your Siblings

Any time you have a problem with someone, the simplest solution is to talk to them. Maybe your siblings will understand and offer you comfort, or lay off the teasing. Believe it or not your siblings do love you and want you to be happy.


Talk to Your Parents

If your siblings don't react when you talk to them, consult your parents about the issue. When your parents crack down on your siblings, they're sure to respond in a way that makes your life easier and less stressful!


Accept Them

If I’ve learned anything from growing up with three sisters, it’s that you can’t change the people you love. If something about your sibling's personality causes you stress, remember that all you can do is accept them. Even though you have the same parents and grew up in similar environments, you and your siblings are different people. To avoid unnecessary stress, you need to embrace and love who they are - even the annoying stuff!


Give Each Other Space

A little bit of space can do a whole lot of good when it comes to dealing with sibling-induced stress. If you and your sibling have different rooms, spend more time in your room to avoid confrontation. Out of sight out of mind, right? Of course, you should still interact with your brothers and sisters regularly, but if they’re bothering you, giving each other space is always a viable option.



Sometimes, the best way to cope with any stress is to vent. While technically it may not make a huge difference, it sure feels like it does! Make sure you aren’t gossiping when you vent, but otherwise vent away! To your friends, to your parents, even to your diary. In any case, getting things off your chest is sure to reduce stress.


Have Fun

Siblings are genetically similar playmates, in a sense. If you and your sibling were raised in the same household, you probably played a lot as kids. Why stop now? Do fun things with your siblings like playing sports, baking, or shopping - anything you’ll both enjoy. You can do the same thing with your step-siblings. All that matters is that you treat them more like friends than the pest who lives down the hall to relieve yourself of sibling-related stress!

I’m lucky to have three of the world’s greatest women to call my sisters, but growing up wasn’t always smooth sailing. They’ve caused me tons of stress, but using these simple methods to combat that stress helped me love my sisters more and more each day! How will you try to deal with sibling-induced stress so that you and your siblings can have the best relationship possible?

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I think I'm always going to feel like a teenager, but I like my siblings in little doses - i'm the baby in the family and they're both living out of home now, and i think i prefer it this way.. If there's a family dinner every now and then, that's enough for me!

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