7 Ways to Cope with a Mean Girl ...


Every bully is different, so the ways to cope with a mean girl vary on a case-to-case basis. But some ways to cope with a mean girl are virtually foolproof! You're bound to encounter at least a few mean girls during your teenage years, but you should never let them have too great of an effect on your happiness. If you're having issues with a mean girl on campus, try these ways to deal with her!

1. Ignore Her

When it comes down to it, often the best way to cope with a mean girl is simply to ignore her. Bullies feed off of your fear and insecurity, so if you show no sign of either, the girl tormenting you will probably just give up! Pretending not to hear all the rumors and lies she makes up may be difficult at first, but it will pay off when your life returns to normal. So as a rule of thumb, when trying to find ways to cope with a mean girl, just ignore her!

Approach Her
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