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In the world you’re growing up in, it has become increasingly difficult to discover healthy ways to be more comfortable in your own skin. The media bombards us with unattainable images of beauty every day, which are especially dangerous to young, impressionable minds. While that will probably remain the norm for many years to come, you can still take it upon yourself to find ways to be more comfortable in your own skin.

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Think Positively

The easiest way to be more comfortable in your own skin is to simply think positively. But don’t brush this off as a no brainer. How many of your thoughts are positive things like, "I look great today," or "I feel amazing today"? How many are negative thoughts such as, “Why can't I be that thin?" and "She didn’t mean that compliment”? It’s totally natural to be insecure, especially as a teenager, but if you want to begin loving the body you’ve been blessed with, you need to start by thinking positively!


Talk to Yourself

This tip may sound a little bit silly, but it really works! If I’m feeling stressed or depressed, I find a mirror and give myself a good old fashioned pep talk. No one knows you better than you; you know what makes you feel flawed and unattractive. So who better to battle your feelings of not being comfortable in your own skin than you?


Stop Comparing

It will take some serious effort to stop comparing yourself to others, but if you ever want to feel more comfortable in your own skin, it’s critical that you do. If that means that you stop reading magazines every day or stop watching certain TV series, then you should make those sacrifices. Most of our insecurities stem from comparing ourselves to others. But the truth is you are uniquely beautiful, and comparing yourself is a pointless, potentially self-degrading task.


Dry Brush

Aside from revamping your way of thinking, there are some actual actions you can take to make yourself feel comfortable in your body. Dry brushing is just what it sounds like- brushing your skin while dry. You use a body brush to brush your skin, increasing circulation and smoothing out your skin. However, another benefit is increased confidence. Since you’re naked while body brushing, you get more in touch with this miraculous machine you take for granted every day!


Go out

Another important step in becoming comfortable in your own skin is going out. If you stay at home all day, afraid of how the world might judge you, you aren’t doing anything for your confidence at all. When you go out with friends for a fun night out on the town, you’ll see that people don’t judge you as harshly as you may have feared they would. Generally, people will accept you for who you are, and see the beauty that you project to them.


Stop Hiding

Some girls hide behind oversized clothes, others hide behind coat after coat of makeup. While it is your right to dress however you please and do your makeup the way you want to, keep in mind your motives. Ask yourself, “Am I doing this for fun, or do I feel like I need to hide?” If you feel like you need to hide from the world, it’s probably time you shook things up with your look and began embracing your natural beauty.


Practice Yoga

The health benefits of yoga are limitless, and they include mental health. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is really all about perception, and right now you may perceive your body as awkward or ugly. But when you practice yoga, you push your body to its limits and allow it to accomplish new feats. Once you see all that your body is capable of, you’ll want to own it and all its awesomeness!

Many teens struggle to feel comfortable in their own skin, but you don’t have to be one of them. The younger you become comfortable with your body, the better, so start making a conscious effort to love yourself more today! How do you plan on feeling more comfortable in your skin?

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This is beautiful... Some points totally describe me.. But I'll definitely work on these to make things better:)

I use to be an insecure person with low self esteem and sometimes I still catch myself getting into the same habit. As I matured I realized that if you don't love yourself for who you are no one will. As long as you're are comfortable with being who you are physically and mentally what everyone else thinks does not matter. I've also learned that if there's something that you do not like and you can change it, you should do it. For example if you feel that you are over weight instead if hiding in big baggy clothes which will make you feel worst try to go to a support group with women who are going through the same thing so you don't feel alone.

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