The Top Things Every Teen Should Try at Least Once ...

Certain typical teenage things have a reputation of being obnoxious, naive, or simply overrated. But thereโ€™s no harm in taking part in some good old fashioned teenage fun! No matter how complained about these typical teenage things are, they are generally worth doing at least once before you turn eighteen.

1. Stuff Your Face

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Just do it! Order pizza, pick up Chinese food, and stock up on your favorite Ben & Jerryโ€™s! Because no matter how unhealthy this typical teenage activity is, itโ€™s worth partaking in at least once. At this age, you can recover from a night of gluttony relatively quickly, with the aid of a few workouts and your vigorous metabolism. So take advantage of that now before itโ€™s too late!

2. Throw a Tantrum

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Teenagers are notorious for being melodramatic and taking everything to the extreme. But itโ€™s inevitable that you will, so why hold it in? Pent up emotions donโ€™t do anyone any good. Thatโ€™s why at least once during your adolescence, when you feel like youโ€™re at your breaking point, itโ€™s okay to throw a full blown tantrum. Pillow throwing and feet stomping is encouraged, but be sure you donโ€™t make this one-time stress releaser a habit!

3. Shop Till You Drop

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A reputation this generation faces is one of entitlement and selfishness but every once in a while, itโ€™s okay to spoil yourself. You can spend one day thatโ€™s all about you, during which you shop till you drop! Itโ€™s no crime, and itโ€™s the sort of healthy indulgence teenagers should be allowed to take part in sparingly.

4. Sleep in

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The stereotypical teen parties all night and sleeps all day. While partying isnโ€™t exactly my cup of tea, I must admit that I enjoy sleeping in hours later than socially acceptable! And while you still have summer breaks, you ought to take advantage of sleeping in, because some day that luxury wonโ€™t exist any more.

5. Be a Fangirl

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Fangirl is a much-needed noun our generation has added to the dictionary, meaning โ€œan obsessive female fanโ€. While the word generally has a negative connotation, thereโ€™s no logical reason why you should refrain from going through a brief fangirl stage. Even though it seems annoying and overrated, itโ€™s all in good spirit and generally harmless.

6. Blast the Music

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When youโ€™re headed to the beach or the mall with friends, donโ€™t be afraid to be that obnoxious teen who blasts her Ke$ha song for all to hear! Itโ€™s all part of the experience of growing up. Now, if you see people in cars around you plugging their ears and rolling their eyes, be mindful and turn it down a few notches. Still, donโ€™t hesitate to have fun and live life out loud!

7. Pull an All-nighter

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This isnโ€™t an activity you should practice regularly by any means - that just wouldnโ€™t be healthy! But some of the best and craziest memories you make will be during an all-nighter. Stock up on the chick flicks and ice cream, invite over your BFFs, and try to keep your eyes open for 24 hours straight! Youโ€™ll get a little loopy, but youโ€™ll feel more teenagery than ever before!

Your teenage years are a strange time for many reasons, but thatโ€™s no reason why they shouldnโ€™t be fun. Some of the things teenagers do for fun seem overrated, but really are just classic, typical teenage things you shouldnโ€™t hesitate to participate in! What sort of typical teenage activities do you love?

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