7 Tools and Resources to Help in Your Essay Writing ...

Who couldn’t use some tools to help with essay writing? If you want to get the best grades, you have to go above and beyond the standard essay formats and basic books you are referred to. You probably already think of your use of language and the correct grammar, but what about really ramping it up? Here are some tools to help with essay writing that should see those A grades flooding in.

1. The Blue Book of Grammar

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You’re not going to get those top grades with sloppy grammar, so some of the most popular tools to help with essay writing are grammar and spell checkers. Grammar and spelling checkers are all well and good, but you need to know the rules of grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc, if you want to take full advantage of them. They make suggestions on changes, and many times those changes are not needed. You have to know at least a little about grammar and sentence structure in order to get it right when you use a spelling and grammar checker, and the blue book of grammar and punctuation will help you with this.

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