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7 Tips for Writing a Valedictorian Speech ...

By Vladlena

Writing a valedictorian speech is a bittersweet opportunity; you have worked hard enough to represent your graduating class, but you are faced with a daunting task to write a speech that will touch everyone’s heart. You want to inspire others to achieve their greatest and perfectly sum up all of your years spent together, but at the same time you know that frankly, everybody will probably forget about your speech in a few days. Nonetheless you want to impress and hope that people remember how they felt about your speech. Writing a valedictorian speech is a lot of pressure but there are some tips to get you through this tricky task.

1 Avoid Clichés

The last thing you want to do when writing a valedictorian speech is incessantly use cliché statements that we hear on a regular basis. You want to say something that will move and inspire other people, something that will reside with them for a little while and give them personal meaning. So avoid using overused clichés because we already heard one too many.

2 Keep Everyone in Perspective

When generalizing the experience at your school you want to take everyone’s experience in perspective. Surely not everyone feels that same way as you do about the last couple of years so make sure everyone can relate to what you are saying. Interview a few people beforehand if you have to!

3 Thank Those Who Deserve It

What kind of valedictorian speech would it be, if you didn’t use a portion of your time to thank the faculty, students and parents for the unconditional support? Thank those who made a difference in your life or had a crucial influence. Those people deserve to be pointed out for others to hear.

4 Keep It Conversational

Graduations are long enough already so you don’t want to bore your audience with a lengthy and intelligently worded speech. Try to keep your speech light and conversational, while still delivering your thoughts elegantly and articulately. It’s all about finding a happy medium!

5 Make a Few Jokes

In order to make a speech memorable, it never hurts to add a few jokes here and there. Let your humor and sarcasm shine! With a few laughs from the crowd, you’ll feel yourself loosen up and the audience will be more eager to hear what you have to say.

6 Add in Memories

In order to highlight the whole experience of the graduation class, take a trip down the memory lane and bring up some of the most memorable events of the last couple of years. Memories bring people together and that is what you want to do during your graduation speech. You want to make your people feel, remember, and reminisce about what happened.

7 Speak from the Heart

Ultimately your speech should come from your heart. Jot down what feels right and be yourself! People will be able to tell if you are genuinely saying something from your heart or just reciting a speech that you memorized a few weeks ago. Put feelings and emotions into what you have to say and you will see how moved your audience will be.

Whether you are a valedictorian or salutatorian, it is a great honor to deliver a speech on your graduation among thousands of your fellow classmates. You are given an important task so use it to your own advantage! What would you talk about if you were giving a speech during your graduation?

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