7 Tips for Writing a Valedictorian Speech ...


Writing a valedictorian speech is a bittersweet opportunity; you have worked hard enough to represent your graduating class, but you are faced with a daunting task to write a speech that will touch everyone’s heart. You want to inspire others to achieve their greatest and perfectly sum up all of your years spent together, but at the same time you know that frankly, everybody will probably forget about your speech in a few days. Nonetheless you want to impress and hope that people remember how they felt about your speech. Writing a valedictorian speech is a lot of pressure but there are some tips to get you through this tricky task.

1. Avoid Clichés

The last thing you want to do when writing a valedictorian speech is incessantly use cliché statements that we hear on a regular basis. You want to say something that will move and inspire other people, something that will reside with them for a little while and give them personal meaning. So avoid using overused clichés because we already heard one too many.

Keep Everyone in Perspective
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