7 Tips to Help You Be a Part-Time Student ...

Alison Bryant

7 Tips to Help You Be a Part-Time Student ...

Are you thinking of being a part-time student? Plenty of people combine work and study successfully, but it does take organisation and dedication. The advantage is that you can be earning, instead of taking on huge student loans. So try these tips for making the most of being a part-time student …

1 Be Organised

If you're a part-time student, you will need to be well organised. You can't very well study all night to revise for exams or finish an assignment when you've got to go to work the next day. Plan your work schedule so that you can get ahead of yourself, and build in contingency time if you can't get hold of books or your computer stops working.

2 Take Advantage of Time

Take advantage of any free moments to do some work. If you take the train to work, take one of your books with you or jot down some notes for your essay. Lunch hours are a good time to fit in some work as well. If you have children, do some work when they're in bed or playing with friends.

3 Talk to Your Tutor

However organised you are, there may still be times when you just can't get work done in time because of circumstances. Make sure your tutor knows about your situation if you have other commitments; tell them if you need extra time. Tutors understand the challenges that face part-time students and will work with you to accommodate these issues.

4 Socialise with Other Students

When you're studying part-time you don't have the same exposure to student life as full-time students, so it can get lonely. You're likely to be older than most students as well. Make some effort to socialise with other students, especially those that are also studying part-time. This will help you to feel less isolated.

5 Keep Your Motivation

When you hardly seem to have a spare moment between work, family and study, it can leave you wondering why you ever thought studying was a good idea. Remind yourself what you're doing this for. You want to improve your prospects, earn more money, or change career altogether. There's a purpose behind this, so don't lose sight of that.

6 Don't Take on Too Much

There's a limit as to how much anyone can take on, so learn to say no. Make sure that the rest of the family do their fair share of household chores; you need study time and they should be doing their share anyway. And if someone outside the family asks you to help out with something, tell them that you don't have the time. It's okay to say no.

7 Take Care of Yourself

Finally, there may not seem much time for relaxing but do make sure you eat well and get enough sleep. You won't be able to work properly or study efficiently if you're worn out. Eat a healthy diet, include lots of foods that are good for your brain, and take some time to chill every now and then.

Being a part-time student can be harder than studying full time, but all the effort will be worth it when you complete your course and are fully qualified. It's never too late to study! Would you like to study while working, and what would your perfect career be?