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Organizing your dorm room can seem like an impossible task. You see shoes all over the floor, makeup all over your desk, and you just found some type of moldy sandwich under your bed from that dorm party you had a month and a half ago. There are holes in your cereal boxes. You think you might have a mouse. There’s a hot guy coming over this afternoon and your room is a disaster. First, throw that nasty sandwich away. Next, take a deep breath and read these 7 tips on organizing your dorm room!

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Stackable Bins

Stackable Bins Stackable bins are a vital tool when organizing your dorm room. When I dormed I had four big bins under my bed. They were for school supplies, dry food, shoes, and out of season clothing. They are a great way to keep things organized and to keep your room clutter free.



TupperWare If you have a fridge, put everything that is edible in sealed Tupperware. Screw plastic bags. If you live in a college dorm your main concern is that mice don’t get into your food. Tupperware seals the smell of the food in. Keep your cereal in Tupperware as well. It’s also a lot easier to see everything in your fridge when it is in plastic boxes, instead of everything being thrown on top of each other.



Shelves If you are allowed to hang shelves on your wall, do it. You can put all of your knick knacks and picture frames on them. If the shelves are wide enough, you can even put your shoes on them so you’re not fumbling around in the dark over your heels. Brilliant, yes?



Hangers Hangers are a college student’s best friend. When I was dorming I had a wardrobe, which was a new experience for me, considering I came from a house with no closets at all. You will save so much space if you don’t have to get a dresser. Hang up as much as you can!


Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes If you’re like me, you have a million things to do and you sometimes have a hard time keeping track of everything. Write each thing you have to do on a sticky note and just stick it to your wall. When you’re done with the task, you can rip it off the wall and be done with it. Trust me, it feels good.


Roll Your Clothes

Roll Your Clothes If you can’t hang your clothes, you can roll them instead of folding them. This gives you a lot more room and makes everything look neater in your drawers. This is also a good tip if you are traveling somewhere and you like to pack your life into a suitcase.


Limit Your Shoes

Limit Your Shoes This has to be the hardest thing on the list. I love shoes. I don’t know a woman who doesn’t love shoes. However, if you are dorming, you have to live with all of your shoes in a 10x10 cell-like room with another girl who as just as many shoes as you do. When packing to head off to college, bring running shoes, black pumps, boots, flats, and sandals. Try to stick to one of each. You will survive.

Living in a tiny room with two or three other girls can be hard. What’s even harder is trying to keep that tiny room clean while handling college and everything that comes with it. If you have a place for everything and you are able to stay organized, you will be fine. What are some organizational tips you have for dorming?

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Wow this is totally cool

I don't love shoes

Very useful because my room is very unorganized

I love rolling my clothes, you can see them properly

This is awesome I love it

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