7 Tips on Organizing Your Dorm Room ...

Organizing your dorm room can seem like an impossible task. You see shoes all over the floor, makeup all over your desk, and you just found some type of moldy sandwich under your bed from that dorm party you had a month and a half ago. There are holes in your cereal boxes. You think you might have a mouse. There’s a hot guy coming over this afternoon and your room is a disaster. First, throw that nasty sandwich away. Next, take a deep breath and read these 7 tips on organizing your dorm room!

1. Stackable Bins

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Stackable bins are a vital tool when organizing your dorm room. When I dormed I had four big bins under my bed. They were for school supplies, dry food, shoes, and out of season clothing. They are a great way to keep things organized and to keep your room clutter free.

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