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7 Tips on How to Make Teen Relationships Work ...

By Vladlena

Relationships are a piece of work and they are even harder to manage in your early years, but not to worry because I have some tips for you on how to make teen relationships work. You have probably only recently discovered what it feels like to be in a real relationship and how much effort it truly requires from both sides. Teenage relationships are beautiful things, but you are both changing and finding your sense of self, which is what makes everything just ten times harder. So here are some tips on how to make teen relationships work to help you out.

1 Make Friendship Your Foundation

If you are looking for a relationship that is going to last, it is best to avoid just jumping into a relationship. Being cautious doesn’t hurt and unless you want to get burned, it would be a good idea to get to know that person first. Learn about his likes, dislikes and get to see his ‘bad’ side before fully committing. Having friendship as your foundation will give you a deeper connection! So keep this tip on how to make teen relationships work in mind.

2 Merge Your Group of Friends

If you and your partner are a part of different groups of friends, it wouldn’t hurt for both of you to try to merge them together. This way you don’t have to sacrifice your time with friends to see each other and everyone will be more comfortable in your presence as a couple. It might require some work but it will surely pay off.

3 Make Time for Each Other

Adolescence is a very hectic period of your life. There are a lot of things on your plate and you are not sure how to handle it. However don’t use that as an excuse to not put your all into your current relationship. In order for everything to work out, both of you must find time for each other.

4 Build Trust

Just like in any other relationship, trust is of a big importance during adolescence. I have seen one too many teenage couples crumble due to lack of trust and respect, which is why it is important to build trust during your early stages of dating. Remember the dating habits you reinforce now will show themselves in the future. So stop second-guessing each other’s intentions and put trust above everything.

5 Be Open to Communication Even during Disagreements

Teens can often be stubborn, which can never lead to anything good in a relationship. Sometimes it is hard to see the situation from another person’s perspective when you have been so hurt, but I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to communicate with each other even during period of disagreements. Sometimes all you need is to talk it out and figure out if fighting over a particular problem is even worth it.

6 Avoid Drama

Oftentimes teenagers can get caught up in unnecessary drama; it is completely inevitable. However if you want to make your relationship work, the best you can do is stay out of it. It is important to pick your battles, and why put a strain on your relationships when there is really no need.

7 Don’t Forget to Have Fun

In the end you are a teenager and you should be having fun! You should be enjoying your time with your boyfriend or girlfriend and get the chance to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Enjoy yourself while you can!

Teenage relationships are often described as insignificant but they are the ones that teach us about love, heartbreak and pain. While teen relationships are light and carefree, they have a remarkable impact on us as people. What are some of your tips on how to make teen relationships last?

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