7 Tips on How to Get on Your Professor's Good Side ...


If you're wondering how to get on your professor's good side, then this article will share with you some easy tricks. From personal experience, it's always good to build a positive relationship with your instructorโ€”even if you'll only be their student for just a semester. Being well acquainted with your professor could get you major "brownie points." It may even benefit you in desperate times, like when you miss a class assignment or exam. This article is not meant to teach you how to manipulate your instructor, but at the same time you want to know how to get on your professor's good side so he or she will not only know you as a student, but as an associate.

1. Show up to Class

If you want to know how to get on your professor's good side, the first thing you need to learn is consistency. Showing up to class regularly is very important for not only your attendance and grade average, but also your reputation. I understand that college gives you a little more freedom, but there are still set rules and guidelines that need to be followed. Attempt to be present in every lecture, focused and ready to learn. After all, missing class just means that you enjoy wasting money.

Always Look Interested
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