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7 Tips on How to Deal with Senioritis ...

By Vladlena

By the time 12th grade rolls around, the myth that everybody keeps talking about turns into a reality and since you will be a victim of this ruthless virus one day or another, here are some tips on how to deal with senioritis. While some catch a case of this peculiar disease freshman year, most become more prone to it during the senior year. Some symptoms may include oversleeping on a school day, not caring about your grades and procrastinating. While most cases can take on a mild form, these are simple tips on how to deal with senioritis.

1 Stay up to Date with Your Requirements

Tip number one on how to deal with senioritis is staying up to date on your requirements. While you might have a sudden urge to give up on schoolwork, there are still some things that are required from you as a senior. Unless you don’t mind becoming a super senior, you must pass all of your classes in order to graduate with your class, so be conscious of your to do list.

2 Be Aware of Your Grades

While, in all honesty, senior year grades are not as important as the school staff makes them out to be, it is still important to avoid a significant drop. Colleges still do a follow up with you even after they accept you and they can revoke their acceptance if they see something that they don’t like. Plus most colleges require a mid-year report and you still want to make a good impression.

3 Know when to Work and when to Party

Senior year is definitely the time to take it slow and really enjoy high school to the fullest. However, as a student you must know when it is time to party and when it is time to put in some effort. Balancing both will help you make the most out of your senior year without screwing up the last four years of high school.

4 Avoid Missing School

Many seniors make the mistake of rarely showing up to school senior year, but little do they know that poor attendance can push them a year back. I know in my school in particular, a certain amount of missed physical education classes results in failure and bootcamp. Moreover, failing a class can result in no graduation. Therefore, at least make the effort of getting your attendance in, all you have to do is show up!

5 Prioritize Some Classes

While in some classes you can afford procrastination, advanced placement classes still require hard work and dedication. You don’t want a year’s worth of work to go to waste, so you might as well finish the class with a good grade on an AP exam and earn some extra college credits.

6 Eventually Let It Take over

While you must spend a few months fighting senioritis, the time will come when you will be advised to let it take over. After exams are over and APs have passed, every senior has a legitimate excuse for enjoying senior activities, pulling a few pranks and putting education on hold. After all, by this time college decisions are sorted out and most of the worries are left behind.

7 Make the Last Couple of Days Memorable

The last couple of weeks of school, there is really no point in dealing with senioritis. As a senior you just accept it and make the last couple of days in the building memorable to you. You want to look back on your high school experience without regrets and this is your time to make it happen.

For some, senior days are almost over and for others they are years away. However, senioritis will get all of us and there is no way to escape. What are some of your tips on dealing with senioritis?

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