7 Tips on How to Build Your Friend's Self-Esteem ...

We all have friends that think very low of themselves but instead of enabling their self-deprecating behavior, it is much more helpful to learn how to build your friend’s self-esteem. You might be or might have already suffered from self-esteem issues in the past and know how it feels to believe that you are just not good enough. So help out your friend get out of his or her funk and open his or her eyes to the truth by using some of these tips on how to build your friend’s self-esteem.

1. Support Them in Their Accomplishments

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One of the first tips on how to build your friend’s self-esteem is to be supportive. No matter how small or insignificant their accomplishments may be, make sure to point them out and give him or her the praise he or she deserves. Urge them to get out of their comfort zone and try new things that can lead to unusual opportunities and if they are hesitant about it, offer your companionship!

2. Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

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Many guys and girls are currently taking all measures in order to look just like one of those models on the covers of the magazines. So if your friend is trying to lose or gain weight, support their dive into that healthy lifestyle! Encourage them to get their body moving and go on a clean and healthy diet. Doing things together will help you push each other when things get tough. However make sure that your friend is doing things the right way instead of taking risky shortcuts!

3. Be Completely Honest

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One of the worst things you can do to a person with a low self-esteem is lie to them. In order for you to help out, you have to gain their trust and show them that you are actually trying to help them. Repeatedly trying to tell them that everything is okay will only show them that you can’t see things from a clear perspective. Therefore try to be honest without hurting anyone’s feelings and give them a reality check when needed. What are good friends for, after all?

4. Avoid Putting Them down

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Your friend probably already knows his or her own flaws and there is no need to take it upon yourself to point them out. Friendships usually form between people for the sole purpose of support and care, and it is your job to provide that if you want the same in return. Although teasing and joking around is often part of a healthy friendship, avoid pushing the boundaries because sometimes people can unintentionally get hurt.

5. Give Them the Occasional Pep-talk

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It is very typical for people with a low self-esteem to enter very gloomy phases during which they really underestimate themselves. In those moments it is very important that you come to the rescue with an inspirational pep talk. Just like anyone else, your friends need a reminder that they are significant and have plenty of potential. However, avoid plainly praising them and stick in some constructive criticism in there so that they are aware of the bigger picture.

6. Be a Good Influence

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It is a fact that your inner circle of friends has an immense amount of influence on your behavior, beliefs and actions. Despite the fact that we are all unique people, we still conform to the same ideas as our friends to some extent. So if you want to help your friend, lead by example! In order to feel good about his or herself it is important for your friend to remain in a healthy environment without any harmful pressure.

7. Push Them for Improvement

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Depending on the situation, sometimes friends just need a little push! Therefore if you see that your friend is hesitant, shy and nervous to accept an offer or do something that is he or she is not used to, convince them that it is okay to take a leap of faith! Sometimes the most rash decisions can lead to the most amazing outcomes.

While self-esteem is a very sensitive topic among the younger generation, it is important for us to work together on shaping our sense of self. This doesn’t have to be a lonely battle, because we can all influence each other’s mindset in one way or another. What are some of your personal tips on how to build your friend’s self-esteem?

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