7 Tips on How to Build Your Friend's Self-Esteem ...


We all have friends that think very low of themselves but instead of enabling their self-deprecating behavior, it is much more helpful to learn how to build your friendโ€™s self-esteem. You might be or might have already suffered from self-esteem issues in the past and know how it feels to believe that you are just not good enough. So help out your friend get out of his or her funk and open his or her eyes to the truth by using some of these tips on how to build your friendโ€™s self-esteem.

1. Support Them in Their Accomplishments

One of the first tips on how to build your friendโ€™s self-esteem is to be supportive. No matter how small or insignificant their accomplishments may be, make sure to point them out and give him or her the praise he or she deserves. Urge them to get out of their comfort zone and try new things that can lead to unusual opportunities and if they are hesitant about it, offer your companionship!

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle
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