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If you were looking for some tips on how to be yourself around the guy or girl you like, just read on and you’ll realize that it’s actually not that hard to keep your cool around them and that you shouldn’t act like a totally different person for someone to like you. I know it can be quite hard to remain calm, especially if you are a shy person (like myself) but you can learn how to impress someone by just being yourself, since you are such a wonderful and amazing person. Just remember that feeling out of your element around the boy or girl you like is perfectly natural and everyone experiences it. Try to remind yourself that your crush might be as nervous and intimidated as you are, so try not to be so hard on yourself. Here are a few tips on how to be yourself and how to act natural around the person you like that will help you impress them in no time:

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Get to Know Them

One of the best tips I can give you on how to be yourself with the boy or girl you like is to tell you to try to get to know them first. Be genuinely interested in their hobbies or try to find out more things about them! Be a good listener and pay attention to every little detail and they will surely be impressed, since you will be making them feel really special. Ask them about their interests and you can share stuff about yourself too and maybe this way you will discover how much you two have in common.


Boost Your Self-Confidence

Another thing you must do in order to be yourself in every situation, not just with the boy or girl you like, is to focus on boosting your self-confidence and increasing your self-esteem. You can’t expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself. Read some books on this topic since there are so many out there that can teach you how to love yourself more and how to be proud of who you are.


Make Them Laugh

Show them how funny you are and make them laugh! Tell jokes, offer them sincere compliments but make sure you’re not showing off because if you do that, you will only annoy them and instead of making them like you, you might do exactly the opposite. Be a fun conversationalist, tell them funny stories and don’t be afraid to show them your goofy side, since everyone has one and they will surely appreciate your honesty.


Be Polite!

Always, and I mean always, be polite to everyone you meet, no matter if your crush is around or not. Just be nice to everybody and your crush will surely notice what a pleasant and well-mannered person you are. This might even make them like and appreciate you even more. Just remember: politeness and kindness do matter, so keep that in mind the next time you’re trying to impress the boy or girl you like.


Speak Your Mind

Learn how to be more assertive, so you’ll be able to speak your mind and stand up for yourself while still respecting the people around you. Just speak about your interests, opinion and beliefs, so they’ll get the chance to see what a wonderful person you are. You are such an interesting and intelligent person, so why hide it? Be yourself, get rid of all your insecurities and don’t waste time not being you; after all, you want your crush to love you for who you are and not for you they want you to be.


Don’t Act like Someone You’re Not

Don’t ever act like someone you’re not just to get someone to like you! Don’t hide your quirks because your crush might like you precisely for your quirky weirdness. It’s okay to be shy; this is just who you are and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Don’t act like a dumb or goofy person (if you’re not), just because you think that this is the best way to draw their attention because they might appreciate more the fact that you are such a deep and intelligent person.


Make Eye Contact

They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul. Make eye contact but pay attention not to stare, because you might scare them away and you wouldn’t want to do that. Just keep it to casual glances in order to get their attention and when they catch your eye, just smile. Try to have enough confidence to look them in the eye every time you’re talking to them instead of staring at the ground and I’m sure you will sweep them off their feet with your beautiful eyes.

I know that sometimes it can be pretty difficult to calm down all those butterflies in your stomach but it’s not impossible. But you can learn how to act naturally around the boy or girl you like and you won’t feel the need to be someone else, someone you’re not in order to impress them. Could you give us any other tips on how to be yourself around your crush? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Why would you like a girl

This is all true😊😃

I don't even understand why there's an article on how to be yourself - it should come naturally, you don't need set of rules to be you!!

Can you post an article on how to boost your self confidence specially directed for teens?

this is kind of helpful but u should know to be yourself

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