Top Tips for Teens to Keep Their Skin Clean ...

By Natalie

For teens, keeping clear skin can become very stressful... which in fact makes the problem worse. Being a teen is difficult enough, without having stresses that are readily avoidable. Obviously, these tips might not work for everyone, so consulting a dermatologist is also recommended. Here are some tips for teens keeping clear skin. Try them one at a time, or all together, and you'll be on your way to clear skin today...

1 Keep It Natural

This is one of the easiest ways for teens keeping clear skin to know. It may sound obvious but the more products that you put on your skin, the more it clogs your pores, therefore the harder the dirt will be to remove. When wearing makeup, make sure that you use remover every night or when you get in from school. This will decrease the chance of your skin clogging up and breaking out.

2 Less is More

Wearing less makeup on a day to day basis will actually make you look even better when you go out and about. People will be shocked at how different - and good - you look, rather than seeing you look the same every day.

3 Routine

Develop a skincare routine. The more used to a product your skin becomes the less likely it will be to break out. Also, having a routine will mean that you are less likely to forget to cleanse, tone and moisturise - the three basic, important steps in any good skin care regimen.

4 Give Your Skin Time to Breathe

Give your pores a break from makeup. The ideal time to do this is the weekend or when you are on holiday. On these days why not treat yourself to a pampering face mask day?

5 Sun Damage

Even though UV can help improve your complexion, it will come back to bite you when you are older. When in the sun, make sure that you use a lotion that is high in SPF or apply SPF before make up. Also try to find a foundation that contains SPF. So ever if you have forgotten to use a lotion you will at least have some protection.

6 Moisturise

Many people think that if you have oily skin you do not need to moisturise; this could not be more wrong. When you do not use moisturisers your skin adapts and then produces more oils to compensate. Now-a-days there are many different products that are for each skin type, so why not try them out and see which is the most suitable for you?

7 You Are What You Eat

Drinking a lot of water does wonders for the complexion. What you put in your body is displayed on the outside. Make sure you are getting a lot of fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants. Obviously, we are all guilty of having a sweet snack here and there, which is normal, but this does not help the snack. Try only eating these foods once a week or swapping them for fruit.

Essentially, you should try and keep your skin clean, without much make up. I know this may be hard, but maybe keep makeup for special occasions and just wear mascara on a day to day basis. Do you have any helpful tips of keeping clear skin?

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