Awesome 😎 Tips for Making Revision πŸ– Notes πŸ“ ...


Do you need some tips for making revision notes? If you are studying in school, college or university and are hoping to achieve the best grades possible, then something that is absolutely unavoidable in your academic life is revision! You might hear stories from some people that they don’t need to revise because it’s all already locked in their heads, but don’t believe them! It’s usually all just lies and bravado! The only way to ensure that you are going to get the grades and results that you truly desire is by preparing in a professional way for every exam. Here are some of the best tips for making revision notes that are really going to help you!

1. Core Facts

Don’t just copy out everything that you already have in your class notes. The trick to great revision notes is that they only contain the core facts, the most important snippets of information that you absolutely need to have in your mind ready to access when the time is right. The more unnecessary info you have in your revision notes, the more diluted their impact will be. And that's one of the best tips for making revision notes that you'll ever hear.

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