7 Tips for Being Successful in Your Foreign Language Class ...


Being successful in your foreign language class often seems impossible, especially in an introductory course. Learning a new language requires using your brain to accomplish feats you never dreamed of accomplishing, but your brain is an amazing machine that will do almost anything you tell it to do! Thereโ€™s no quick and easy tip for being successful in your foreign language class, but doing a combination of several things can certainly make acing that class as easy as uno, dos, tres!

1. Flashcards

Being successful in your foreign language class requires putting in effort outside of the classroom, such as making flashcards. Flashcards have helped me a ton with learning Spanish! Iโ€™ve used them to prepare for tests since taking Spanish 1 in Freshman year, and they have never failed me. Flashcards allow you to quiz yourself on noun and verb recognition quickly and easily at any time or place, which means youโ€™ll do wonderfully on any upcoming exams!

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